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Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara (2014)

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Hatate Souta é um garoto do ensino médio que tem a habilidade de ver "bandeiras" para eventos futuros como "bandeiras de morte", bandeiras de "amizade" e bandeiras de romance. Por causa da habilidade de ver bandeiras, ele evita fazer amizades por causa de um trauma que passou num naufrágio. Quatro lindas garotas se interessam por seu jeito estranho de viver e começam a viver com ele no dormitório da escola à força.

Elenco principal

Ryota Osaka

Ryota Osaka

Souta Hatate
Ibuki Kido

Ibuki Kido

Nanami Knight Bladefield
Ai Kayano

Ai Kayano

Akane Mahougasawa
Kana Hanazawa

Kana Hanazawa

Megumu T?zokuyama
Yoko Hikasa

Yoko Hikasa

Rin Eiy?zaki
Kana Asumi

Kana Asumi

Kikuno Sh?kanji


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1 - I'm Going to Marry Her, Once I Leave This School

Flag shows the different paths that fate can take. Hatate Souta transfers into Hatagaya Academy, and he can see these flags, and control them. Souta tries to avoid people after what happened in his past, but Nanami notices something was up when Souta stops an accident on his way to school, and then another girl starts to take an interest in him.

2 - Girls are in the Dorm. But I can't say it yet. Wait Until Tomorrow.

Souta runs into his old childhood friend, Shoukanji Kikuno, who loves to spoil him. Quest Dorm is in shatters, and Kikuno asks the school elder, Ryuukishibara Tsumugi, and the student council president, Seiteikouji Mimori for help. They ask for the dorm to be rebuilt, but...

3 - Leave it to Me, There is a 99.9% Chance We're Going to Win This Athletic Meet

Everyone's about to start their life at Quest Dorm when Akane gets a mysterious android from her family in the shape of a girl named Ninjabayashi Ruri. Meanwhile, Hatagaya Academy's student council president announces the start of a new event, a week long track meet, and then Mimori surprises everyone...

4 - We're Almost to the Goal. The Track Meet 'll End Just Fine.

The week long track meet starts. A new member joins them, and everyone works hard to prevent the shut down of Quest Dorm and from Souta to be expelled. Mimori has a large strange list of events, and Souta and the rest work hard to get the MVP position, but something happens that puts them all at risk...

5 - Believe and Wait for Me. I'm not Going to be Late for My Date With Everyone.

Souta promises to go on a date with Akane, and the rest of Quest Dorm finds out about it, and wants to go as well. Nanami stays back at home, but Souta has to go on a date with Megumu, Akane, Rin, and Kikuno.

6 - Phew. Don't scare me like that. I guess you're just a little sister.

Daimyouzamurai Mei, a mysterious transfer student, enters Hatagaya Academy class 1-F. It seems she has the same ability to see flags and manipulate them, just like Souta. Meanwhile, class 1-F is split into two groups based on their grades into swimming, and go on a trip to the ocean and the forest. For some reason, Souta's forced to join both trips...

7 - I've Learned Something I Wasn't Meant to Know. I Need to Hide Myself Before I Disappear Without a Trace

Hatagaya Academy goes on a trip near the ocean, and Souta meets Daishikyougawa Kurumiko there. Souta enlists the help Mimori Seiteikouji, the granddaughter of the chair. Souta and Mimori go on a date as compensation.

8 - I'll catch up with you later. Have I ever broken a promise before?

Souta returns home with Kikuno during summer break, and is spoiled by her. Ruri shows up all of a sudden and takes him away. He ends up at Akane's house. Everyone from Quest Dorm is worried about him and shows up too, except Nanami...

9 - Someday, it'd be Nice if We Could all Go to a Festival Together Again

Everyone from Quest Dorm goes to Nanami's home country, the Principality of Bladefield, and runs into Nanami's little sister Hakua, and the crown prince. Then there's big news about Hakua and Nanami. Then No. 0 talks to Hatate about the founding fairy tail of the country.

10 - Hold this for Me. The Winner of the Beauty Contest is Written Here.

Souta recommends the Quest Dorm enters the Miss Hatagaya Academy Beauty Contest. Nanami gives a speech to cheer up Souta, and wins a festival pass which makes everything free as long as she is with Souta. They meet a girl who is running from something.

11 - We Don't all Have to Dance. I can Dance by Myself.

The mysterious girl is idol Serika Ginyuuin. During her concert Souta's powers increase and time freezes. No. 0 tells Souta he must leave or the world will be destroyed. Souta erases Quest Dorm's memories of him, but Nanami is unaffected and remembers.

12 - It's a Cruel World. I'm Going to Take a Look in the Shadows

Souta fights the Angelus Gemini to protect his world by placing 'Death Flag' on his enemies. Nanami learns from Riru how she is linked to Souta, and takes the Quest Dorm members to help Souta fight.

13 - If His Flag Breaks

Souta regains his memory and learns he knew the girls once before, but had Laplace's Demon save them. Souta and the girls fight the Premium Ambriel, but his death flag breaks and he awakes in the real world where he learns more about his past.