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Kakumeiki Valvrave (2013)

Animação Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy Drama24m


Uma nova era onde 70% da população humana vive no espaço, graças ao desenvolvimento de "Dyson Sphere", uma cidade no espaço. O mundo está dividido em dois poderes principais: O Dorssia Militar pacto federativo, um poder que cresceu a partir de uma aliança militar, e do Atlântico Rim Estados Unidos (Arus), que ficou no poder, uma vez que ampliou seus acordos comerciais. A nação menor de JIOR declarou neutralidade entre essas duas forças e mantém a sua paz através da prosperidade econômica.Dentro da esfera do JIOR, Haruto Tokishima viveu uma vida normal como um estudante do ensino médio na divisão conhecida como "Módulo 77", até os militares Dorssian começa sua invasão súbita!Mas o mundo inteiro será abalado quando Haruto atende a arma humanóide misterioso, Valvrave!

Elenco principal

Ryota Osaka

Ryota Osaka

Haruto Tokishima (voice)
Ryohei Kimura

Ryohei Kimura

L-elf (voice)
Asami Seto

Asami Seto

Shoko Sashinami (voice)
Haruka Tomatsu

Haruka Tomatsu

Saki Rukino (voice)
Jun Fukuyama

Jun Fukuyama

A-drei (voice)
Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano

H-neun (voice)
Yoshimasa Hosoya

Yoshimasa Hosoya

X-eins (voice)
Yuki Kaji

Yuki Kaji

Q-vier (voice)
Aoi Yuki

Aoi Yuki

Akira Renbokoji (voice)


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1 - Revolutionary Transfer Student

True Calendar (T.C.) 71 - A new age where 70% of the human population lives in space.

2 - Beyond 666

Enraged by his loss, Haruto uses the Valvrave to seek vengeance against the Dorssian Military. But an equally furious A-drie stands up against the attack and quickly overwhelms the inexperienced fighter.

3 - L-Elf's Prophecy

L-elf is held in interrogation but he manages to escape. Haruto makes a triumphant return and is considered a hero by the masses for taking on the Dorssian military. Haruto has a meeting with Senator Figaro.

4 - The Valvrave is the Hostage

L-elf tells Haruto to make a pact with him. ARUS kidnap Haruto and attempt to escape without saving the students of Sakimori. Shoko imparts the plans of ARUS to the student council. Not willing to depend on others, Sakimori students declare independence.

5 - The Sakimori Academy Sings

Since Shoko declared independence, the students of Sakimori have been leading a carefree lifestyle. All of a sudden, the power goes out. Finally, the students manage to turn the power back on, and they broadcast a video of themselves singing a song.

6 - Saki's Comeback

Saki goes inside the Valvrave in hopes of becoming a famous singer. She bites Haruto on the neck and then pretends to be his little sister. Dorssia forces start an attack despite Shoko's threat, while Saki pilots a female robot, which she named Carmilla.

7 - Haruto Under the Ruins

L'elf hands Shoko papers which include a plan for the military development and territorial expansion of JIOR. A-drei, Q-vier and H-neun interfere and Rukino tries to stop them. Haruto possesses L'elf to use his Valvrave.

8 - Princess of Light

Students of Sakimori are mourning for Aina. L-elf is held prisoner by the students, and he recalls the time he first met Lieselotte. Sakimori is attacked by the Dorssians. Haruto and Saki go out to battle against them, trusting L-elf's tactical advices.

9 - Dog and Thunder

L-elf has the students perform military training and establish plans to increase the defenses of Module 77. Meanwhile, Raizo is caught once again trying to hijack one of the Valvraves and is put into prison, while Kyuma dedicates himself to training in order to avenge Aina's death. Soon after, Module 77 is once again under Dorssian attack. Haruto and Saki engage the enemies unaware that they are being drawn away from the base and giving an opening for a second invading force. With Haruto and Saki occupied fighting A-Drei's party, a shortage of power renders the module defenseless until Kyuma takes control of the blue Valvrave and starts a counterattack. However, Kyuma finds himself in a disadvantage until the yellow Valvrave, piloted by Raizo, appears to assist him and they manage to drive away the enemies.

10 - Campaign Promise of Love

While in the holding bay, Takumi explains to L-elf the circumstances under which Sakimori High School was created, for Project VVV which is virtually a JIOR military initiative. As Module 77 continues to progress towards the moon, Haruto and co. discuss the terms of keeping their possession ability a secret while Shoko continues improving her relationships with their fellow schoolmates. At the same time, Rion announces that Module 77 will hold elections for a new Prime Minister that will handle their public affairs once they get to the moon, with herself along with Raizo and Satomi running as well. L-elf surprises Haruto by volunteering to take care of the election affairs since having an appointed leader would help meet his goals. Later on, the frequency at which the foreign gene within Haruto's system tries to take over increases, as noticed by Saki, and she opts to kill him should he resort to physically harming their fellow students.

11 - Military Tribunal #54

Module 77 is headed to the Moon while the students are appointed as cabinet ministers. Akira finally speaks to Shoko and it is revealed that she is Satomi's sister. Module 77 is attacked by the Dorssians and Shoko's father is held hostage by Wartenberg.

12 - The Heretic Activates

In the year 211, Saki is telling the story of the Magius to a boy who looks like L-Elf. Back to the present, Saki calmly rejects Haruto's marriage proposal and proceeds to help the other 2 Valvraves hold off the Dorssian forces. Meanwhile, the drill that was sent into the Module is moving up through the space with the intention of releasing poison gas into the atmosphere of the Module. L-Elf receives a call from Haruto and meets up with him to try to defeat the Dorssians. Satomi calls Shoko and asks her to save his sister, Akira, who is trapped in the school. Akira, who overhears this conversation, tries to stop Shoko but to no avail. Shoko was knocked unconscious by the drill while trying to get to Akira, and this prompted Akira to face her hears of being bullied and come out into the open to save Shoko. Facing a dead end due to the damage by the drill, she almost gave up until a crack in the debris reveals Valvrave unit 6.