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Jouran The Princess of Snow and Blood (2021)

Animação Action & Adventure23m


Ano de 1931. O príncipe Yoshinobu Tokugawa está com 94 anos e detém controle total do Japão. Resquícios da cultura da era Meiji podem ser vistos pela cidade, mas o recente surgimento de novas tecnologias e do Onmyodo dão ao lugar um teor mais moderno. Contudo, por trás de todo o glamour, o grupo dissidente Kuchinawa planeja o assassinato do príncipe e a derrocada do regime. Sawa Yukimura é membro da Nue, uma organização governamental encarregada de exterminar dissidentes. Sua família inteira foi morta pelo chefe da Kuchinawa, e ela jurou vingar a morte deles.

Elenco principal

Suzuko Mimori

Suzuko Mimori

Sawa Yukimura (voice)
Shouta Aoi

Shouta Aoi

Makoto Tsukishiro (voice)


Elena Hanakaze (voice)
Ayasa Ito

Ayasa Ito

Asahi Nakamura (voice)
Chikahiro Kobayashi

Chikahiro Kobayashi

Jin Kuzuhara (voice)
Shinya Takahashi

Shinya Takahashi

Kawamoto (voice), Sh?ji Karasumori (voice), (voice)
Kouichi Souma

Kouichi Souma

Ryo Sugisaki

Ryo Sugisaki

Cleaner (voice), (voice)
Kengo Kawanishi

Kengo Kawanishi

Takeru Karasumori (voice), (voice)


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1 - Confidential File 101, The Blue Flower of Carnage

The year is 1931, the 64th year of the Meiji era. The 15th Shogun, Yoshinobu Tokugawa, continues to wield absolute power thanks to complete monopolization of a special natural resource known as "Ryumyaku." Supporting the Tokugawa regime from the shadows are the deadly agents of the covert organization known as Nue.

2 - Confidential File 033, The Treasurer

With confidential Nue files having been leaked to their enemies at Kuchinawa, a search is underway for the traitor who provided the information.

3 - Confidential File 614, The Enemy Within

Asahi and Yukimura struggle with the nature of their relationship, while the mole leaking Nue secrets is found... or is he?

4 - Confidential File 099, Kuchinawa

Asahi has been kidnapped by Janome, and loyalties are called into question all throughout Nue. Will Yukimura be able to save her adopted sister in time? And will her employers in the Tokugawa government even let her try?

5 - Confidential File 620, Divine Right

Now that her revenge is complete, Sawa doesn't know what to do with herself. With Tsukishima on the run and Elena facing a major change, what will become of the agents of Nue now that their primary target has been dealt with?

6 - Confidential File 623, Daybreak

It's become clear that Nue agents don't leave the shogun's service and live to tell the tale, so it's up to Asahi to find a way for Sawa to break free of the life of violence she's become trapped in.

7 - Confidential File 637, A Fleeting Spring

After faking Sawa's death, she and Asahi have fled Tokyo for a peaceful life in the country... but can they really escape the cycle of killing?

8 - Confidential File 642, The Witching Hour

Sawa's brief respite from the cycle of violence has been irreversibly shattered. But even if she defeats the monster who brought an end to her dream, will she have anything left afterwards?

9 - Confidential File 668, Ethereal Love

With her life in tatters, Sawa struggles to find a reason to keep going. Accompanied by another Nue executioner, she decides to look to her past while considering her future.

10 - Confidential File 089, Star Sign

Jin Kuzuhara is the ruthless, enigmatic head of the shogun's personal group of assassins, Nue. But how did he come to serve the Tokugawa regime? And what is his secret connection to Sawa?

11 - Confidential File 701, Past and Future

Sawa confronts Jin Kuzuhara about the truth behind what happened to her family and her village, but before she can get real answers a squadron of the shogun's troops arrives to try and capture her.

12 - Confidential File 707, The Land of Blessed Words

Asahi is alive, but Sawa has seen too much to ignore the crimes perpetrated by Jin Kuzuhara in the name of the Tokugawa regime. Hoping to secure a brighter future for the girl she has adopted as a sister, the assassin once known as Yukimura takes up her sword once again...