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Joshikausei (2019)

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Quem precisa de diálogo quando você é tão fofa? A linda (mas desafortunada) Momoko, a legal, recatada Shibumi, e a refrescante e inocente Mayumi estrelam em um "manga silencioso". Sem discursos, sem diálogo! Apenas fotos, efeitos sonoros e três garotas do ensino médio vivendo suas vidas diárias.

Elenco principal

Rika Tachibana

Rika Tachibana

Momoko Futo (voice)
Tomomi Mineuchi

Tomomi Mineuchi

Shibumi Shibusawa (voice)
Yurika Kubo

Yurika Kubo

Mayumi Furui (voice)


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1 - The High School Girl and Thighs

High school girl Futo Momoko is napping in the classroom when her best friends Furui Mayumi and Shibusawa Shibumi drop in. Later, when Momoko is relaxing alone, a mosquito flies into the room.

2 - The High School Girl and the Unlucky Day

Momoko is watching TV before school, and the morning horoscope says that her sign will have the worst luck today. Despite her dread, Momoko leaves for school, and one bad thing after another threatens to ruin her day.

3 - The High School Girl and Drowsiness

Fukuouda Tadashi boards his train very sleepy, but seated in front of where he's standing is Momoko. He tries to make himself look cool, but epically fails. To add insult to injury, he unwraps a stick of gum, but then drops it right between Momoko's thighs...

4 - The High School Girl and the Family Restaurant

Momoko, Shibumi, and Mayumi are at a family restaurant. Momoko is out of money, so she can only watch while the other two eat. She ends up occupying herself by making animals out of the restaurant napkins.

5 - The High School Girl and the Skateboard

Momoko, Shibumi, and Mayumi visit a family restaurant. Momoko can only watch the other two eat since she doesn't have the money to order anything, so instead she starts to make animals out of the napkins.

6 - The High School Girl and Working Out

Momoko's sister, Kizuku, sees a special on TV about a weight loss routine and suddenly feels that there's too much fat around her belly. So she tries to do the exercises they did on TV...

7 - The High School Girl and the Foggy Window

On a snowy day, Momoku, Shibumi, and Mayumi start to breathe on the classroom window glass and draw in the fog with their fingers. Their drawings quickly disappear, but later, when steam from a teapot fills the room...

8 - The High School Girl and Hiding from the Rain

Fukoda is taking shelter from the rain in a bus stop, when Momoko comes along and takes cover under the same shelter. As he sees Momoko's wet shirt and the way she ties up her hair, Fukoda starts to feel rather tense...

9 - The High School Girl and Shadow Puppets

At lunch time on the day Furui Mayumi transfers to Futaba Girls' High School, she finds herself seated next to Momoko, who suddenly strikes an intimidating pose with her hands. This scares Mayumi at first, but then...

10 - The High School Girl and the Hair Barrette

As an elementary school student, Shibumi proposed a rule prohibiting the use of keyholder accessories, which was met with strong opposition from her classmates. The next day, Shibumi wore a hair barrette that her grandma had given her to school...

11 - The High School Girl and the Kotatsu

Momoko, Shibumi, and Mayumi are sitting under the kotatsu at Momoko's house, playing around as they peel tangerines. And when they're finished with that, they continue to have fun playing with the kotatsu.

12 - The High School Girl and the Road Home

Momoko, Shibumi, and Mayumi are walking home from school together, laughing and having fun as always. The everyday life of these high school girls continues today as it always has.