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Hataage! Kemono Michi (2019)

Animação Comédia Sci-Fi & Fantasy24m


Na história você acompanha Genzou Shibata, um lutador mascarado apaixonado por todos os tipos de animais e criaturas. Em um certo dia Shibata é invocado para um outro mundo, sendo convidado por uma princesa para salvar o reino matando criaturas mágicas.

Elenco principal

Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi

Genz? Shibata / Kemona Mask (voice)
Yuki Yagi

Yuki Yagi

Hanako (voice)
Akira Sekine

Akira Sekine

Shigure (voice)
Arisa Sakuraba

Arisa Sakuraba

Camilla (voice)
Rie Suegara

Rie Suegara

Hiroyuki (voice)
Tetsu Inada

Tetsu Inada

Macadamian Ogre (voice)
Kenichirou Matsuda

Kenichirou Matsuda

Wolfgang von Craftman (voice)


Edgar (voice)


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1 - Wrestler x Summoning

Pro wrestler Animal Mask is summoned to another world during the middle of his last bout, and decides to spread his love of animals there.

2 - Quest x Demon Beast Killer

To open the pet shop of his dreams, Animal Mask needs money. And to get it, he'll have to fight monsters, some of whom aren't even animals!

3 - Runaway Girl x Attacker

Animal Mask investigates a mysterious attacker who's draining blood from the townspeople.

4 - Demon Beast x Part-Time Job

Animal Mask is broke! To make money, he and the others will have to get part-time jobs, but none of them are cut out for working life...

5 - Animal Mask x MAO

MAO, Animal Mask's long-time rival, becomes badly depressed after his opponent disappears. But one day, he gets an opportunity for revenge...

6 - Loser x Master

Carmilla is a loser who can't do anything right. But when a rival clan challenges her, she rises to the occasion.

7 - First Student x Pain in the Butt

A lizardman girl wants to learn how to hunt from Animal Mask. But he's a wrestler, not a hunter, and he has very different ideas about what to teach her...

8 - Animal x Event

It's time for a wrestling event! For the first time in his new world, Genzo teaches everyone the joys of rivalry, drama, and wrestling!

9 - Princess x Panties

The princess tracks down Genzo and demands that he go to fight the Demon King. But Genzo has other ideas, and these ideas include repeatedly suplexing her even when she's wearing a dress...

10 - Money x Bonds

The Demon King from another world carves a path of destruction across the land in search of Genzo.

11 - Pride x Loyalty

It's time for the main event! A knock-down drag-out brawl between the Demon King's forces and Genzo! Who will win?

12 - Hero x Demon King

The last battle between the Demon King and the hero begins, to decide who will win the wrestling tournament.