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Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun (2007)

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A história gira em torno de Ninomiya Shungo, um estudante que foi treinado em luta por sua irmã mais velha em situações extremas. Ninomiya é muito popular entre as garotas de sua classe. Ele mora em uma enorme casa com sua irmã mais velha, Ryoko, que está quase sempre fora de casa, em missões. Um dia, sua irmã envia Mayu Tsukimura e seu irmão mais velho Mikihiro Tsukimura, que vão morar na mesma casa para que Mayu supere seu medo de homens. Isto é conseguido fazendo Mayu e Shungo dividirem o quarto, tomarem banho juntos e dormirem na mesma cama, entre outras coisas. Para complicar mais a sua vida, Reika Hojo, a presidente do conselho estudantil, é chantageada para se tornar uma empregada, devido a um video que Ryoko gravou, onde aparecia Reika tentando seduzir Shungo enquanto ele dormia. Muitas complicações para o lado do Ninomiya, né?

Elenco principal

Miyuki Sawashiro

Miyuki Sawashiro

Reika H?j?
Mai Kadowaki

Mai Kadowaki

Mayu Tsukimura
Ken Narita

Ken Narita

Mikihiro Tsukimura
Saeko Chiba

Saeko Chiba

Shinobu Kirishima
Michiko Neya

Michiko Neya

Ry?ko Ninomiya
Junji Majima

Junji Majima

Shungo Ninomiya
Kouki Miyata

Kouki Miyata

Mitsuru Hosaka
Satomi Akesaka

Satomi Akesaka

Hinako Ayakawa


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1 - I'm Gonna Kiss You

Shungo meets Mayu at his school, and learns about Mayu's condition.

2 - I'm Gonna Push You!

Reika is introduced and gets worked up when Mayu unknowingly makes fun of her. Reika challenges Mayu to a contest for Shungo, only to lose and be blackmailed into becoming his maid.

3 - Let's Go To Town

Hinako takes Mayu out to get to know her better, while Reika attempts to get rid of Mayu by exploiting her fear of men.

4 - Lets take care of the house

Mayu attempts to help Reika with the housework, only to find a hidden passage instead. They get trapped within the passages for most of the day, only to be abducted by Ryōko for slacking off when they finally escape.

5 - Let's Go to the Beach

The crew go to the beach for a 'vacation', where Mayu starts getting closer to Shungo as Reika continues to try to upstage her. After witnessing Shungo inviting Mayu to watch the stars together, Reika wanders off in a depression. Shungo runs off to find her, only to meet her inner self instead. Things end with the appearance of a mysterious group of soldiers.

6 - Remember!

Shungo, Mayu and Reika are attacked by soldiers and are held captive in the house. Shungo fights back but is beaten up after being knocked out by a mysterious woman in a Tiki mask. Reika exploits Mayu's bad luck to trigger the various traps in the forest, spreading chaos among the enemy. She uses this as a diversion to free Shungo, who then faces off against the mysterious woman.

7 - Cheer Up!

Shungo falls ill after 'losing his fighting spirit' and Mayu tries to nurse him back to health, with disastrous results.

8 - Let Me Eat It!

Ryōko orders Shungo to make some ramen for her. He and Mayu spend hours trying to create the perfect ramen, only to realize that Ryōko will settle for a simple cup ramen.

9 - Snatch him!

The class is at Kyoto on a field trip, the boys try to get into the girl's room but are hunted down by the various faculty members. After being taunted by Tasuku, Shungo tries to force his way in to see Mayu, only to be intercepted by Irori.

10 - Let's go have fun!

Shungo, Mayu and Reika spend the last day in Kyoto having fun together, like they did back when they were children. Tasuku tries to break them up by using his family's ninja-clan to eliminate Mayu, only to be stopped by Irori. Irori confesses her love to Tasuku and tells him she has only loved him, not Shungo. Mayu leaves the house and Shungo is under arrest.

11 - Don't Run Away!

Reika's inner self has taken over and uses her corporate muscle to separate Shungo from Ryōko in an attempt to restore his memory. After reminiscing with Reika, he's drugged and held captive (plus nearly raped) in order to keep him from Mayu. Irori and Tasuku then combine forces with Shungo's other friends in an attempt to rescue him.

12 - Let's Walk Forward!

Shungo races to find Mayu before she runs out of energy, only to run up against Hosaka. Mayu sacrifices herself to save him, only to be accidentally revived by the now complete Reika.