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Fairy Gone (2019)

Animação Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy24m


Fadas possuem e residem dentro de animais, concedendo-lhes poderes especiais. Ao remover cirurgicamente e transplantar os órgãos de um animal possuído em um humano, os humanos podem parcialmente invocar a fada e usá-la como uma arma. Eventualmente, esses indivíduos foram usados para a guerra e foram chamados de "Soldados Fadas". Depois de uma longa guerra, esses soldados perderam seu propósito e tiveram que se reintegrar à sociedade. Nove anos após o fim da guerra, Maria é uma nova recruta de Dorothea, uma organização dedicada à investigação e repressão de crimes e incidentes relacionados com as fadas. Mesmo em tempos de paz, o governo ainda é instável. Muitos criminosos ainda guardam as feridas do conflito anterior, e há grupos terroristas empenhados em se vingar.

Elenco principal

Tomoaki Maeno

Tomoaki Maeno

Free Underbar
Kana Ichinose

Kana Ichinose

Marlya Noel
Ayaka Fukuhara

Ayaka Fukuhara

Veronica Thorn
Yoshimasa Hosoya

Yoshimasa Hosoya

Wolfran Row


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1 - Ash-Covered Girl

Marlya has been searching for Veronica ever since the great war, but Veronica seems to be conducting a search of her own. When the two of them, and Free, all run headlong into each other, it quickly escalates into a fairy-fueled fight.

2 - Wolf Collar and Swan Feathers

Free and Marlya go on a mission to catch some mafia gangsters who are selling artificial fairies, and it's there that Free encounters his old war buddy Wolfran. But Wolf's working for the mafia now, so this time they won't be fighting on the same side.

3 - Greedy Fox and Lying Crow

Free and Marlya are dispatched to collect the Black Fairy Tome from a fairy scholar in Timoon, but they're not the only guests who show up. Every party has its own agenda, and the tome suddenly becomes the hot topic of the evening.

4 - Impatient Housekeeper and Selfish Artist

Free and Marlya manage to secure what is supposedly the Black Fairy Tome, but Sweetie isn't about to give up easily. It's not long before a pair of mafia agents are called in to clean up her mess, which leads to a battle beneath an old church.

5 - Black Moon and Lost Child's Song

Veronica shows up to help Marlya deal with Jonathan, while Free continues to battle Patty. Later on, Marlya gets to know some of the other Dorothea members better when they throw her a belated welcome party.

6 - Fellow Traveler

Dorothea tightens security throughout Rondacia as the anniversary of the war's end approaches. Between another supposed piece of the Black Fairy Tome surfacing, and one of the new-model artificial fairies malfunctioning, there's plenty of work to do.

7 - Stubborn Blacksmith and Biased Rabbit

More new artificial fairies malfunction, and suspicion grows that someone with military connections is sabotaging them. Sweetie brokers a deal with Dorothea in an effort to acquire the piece of the Black Fairy Tome that was recently sold at auction.

8 - Pipe Blowing in Stage Wing

Sweetie and Dorothea both make their move against Gilbert Warlock, as the mystery surrounding the malfunctioning artificial fairies slowly unravels. Now it's up to Chase to figure out the culprit's identity, and what exactly they're trying to accomplish.

9 - Rolling Stones and Seven Knights

As a reward for saving the prime minister's life, the Duke of Hybranz asks for one of the seven Fairy Weapons. As Dorothea transports this powerful weapon to his duchy, the big question on everyone's mind is what he intends to do with it.

10 - Cursed Child

When a group from Dorothea goes to inspect the Duchy of Kal-o, Marlya comes face to face with Ray Dawn. She also questions her motivations when she goes to visit an old friend. Meanwhile, Liscar's violent conspiracy continues with its progress.

11 - Uninvited Music Corps

The Duchy of Hybranz announces its intention to break away from Unified Zesskia. As the Unified Forces and most of Dorothea set out to put down the rebellion, it turns out that Rondacia might actually be the true target for Diese, Arcame, and Liscar.

12 - Powerless Soldier

Free and Marlya lead their Dorothea contingent in an attempt to drive Liscar's forces out of the palace, as Diese's intrigue enters its end game. But Wolfran just might have a hidden agenda of his own. Could this be the end of Unified Zesskia?