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Denki-Gai no Honya-san (2014)

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Gira em torno das pessoas que trabalham e uma loja de mangás no interior de um bairro na cidade de Denki-Gai. O protagonista, Umio, trabalha a tempo parcial na BOOKS Umanohone, juntamente com seu superior, Hiotan. Como muitos fãs de mangás visitam a loja, sempre há algo acontecendo.

Elenco principal

Natsumi Takamori

Natsumi Takamori

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Ryota Osaka

Ryota Osaka

Ayana Taketatsu

Ayana Taketatsu

Fu Girl
Mai Aizawa

Mai Aizawa

Satomi Sato

Satomi Sato

Minami Tsuda

Minami Tsuda

Yu Kobayashi

Yu Kobayashi

G Men


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1 - Love & Eros For All / The Nightmare Before Carnaval

The job of a book store, naturally, is to sell books. In Denki-gai, a gathering place for people who are true to themselves, even erotic literature is valued merchandise! At Umanohone, a store that sells everything from famous works to doujinshi, an "ero book lover" checks through all the erotic books at incredible speed... No, it's actually what they call an "Ero Books G-man"! Love and eros for all! There is no human who doesn't need eros!

2 - Is Denki-gai Burning?

Denki-gai has a ton of weird events. The Umanohone staff are pumped to win the cash prize at the most infamous event, the Late-Summer Greetings Festival. Hurry up, who are you nyan-nyan-ing with, you bitches! You have no one to nyan-nyan with? Shut up, you have your 2D wives! The swimsuit episode comes early! Let's go get that prize money!

3 - Hio-tan, Go Home / Endless Carnival

Is it the Christmas Party Episode? No! The Cosplay episode! Miniskirt Santa, a dream come true! And rather pecuilar costumes are on demand, too! But Umanohone's selling Moe-style games!

4 - King of POP

Valentine's Day! Also known as "National Standardized Girl Power Exam Final Answer Finals!" There aren't any girls at Umanohone so low in girl power that they can't participate! Or are there? With the huge girls' event right around the corner, the girls of Umanohone are feeling lofty and restless and head-achey. Maximum girls power! Go! Super-cute red-faced combo!

5 - Panties in the Spring / I am Rain / Rustling

There's no man on Earth who doesn't like panties! (Wise saying) - Of course Umio loves panties, too! (Let's make it clear.) Sensei tells him bashfully "Do you want to see them?"

6 - Homeless

Sensei hasn't changed her trademark tracksuit in days... that's because she's been sleeping at Umanohone in order to draw a manga for the Rookie of the Year Award!

7 - To the Bath House... / A Full Chest

Summer Comika, an event so hot that you can see clouds forming inside the venue! S here's he onsen - Japanese hot springs- episode! When you have to sweat, you need an onsen. Umaophone supports Oedo Onsen Monogatari!

8 - Subtly Rough

Ugh, first date! Stop, Sensei's down to zero health! Sensei-chan accidentally (seriously, accidentally) asks Umio out on a date, and she has no idea what to wear.

9 - It's Not Love / Hey, How're You Feeling? / Snowy Night

Hio-tan's has the flu?! She takes the day off, and Kantoku pays her a visit. Things get a little awkward when he shows a more caring side of himself. But whatever happened to the com in this romcom: things get serious when Hio-tan collapses

10 - Wonderful Chocolate / Chocolate Philosophy / Kantoku's Overflowing White Chocolate

Valentine's Day! I said the same thing in Episode 4, didn't I? Handmade chocolate is a dangerous mission, but Sensei-chan attempts it for the sake of redemption. Not surprisingly, she fails. The fool! She'll need Tsumorin's help. Bring us Tsumorin!

11 - Starting Young / Life, Exposed / The Lips

Childhood memories. They're beautiful, fleeting, sour and eternal. Even if they're about ero-books! Who would have thought we'd have an episode about G-men's childhood?

12 - The Hermit's Library / When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom / Welcoming Morning

The cherry blossoms are blooming, so we're going on a picnic. The wind blows through flowers and hearts alike... and it's a cosplay cherry blossom picnic!!