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Days (2016)

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Tsukushi é um garoto sem talento especial ou dons, enquanto Jin é considerado um gênio da bola. Em uma noite tempestuosa, Jin encontra Tsukushi e os dois acabam sendo envolvidos pelo mundo do futebol!

Elenco principal

Takuto Yoshinaga

Takuto Yoshinaga

Tsukushi Tsukamoto (voice)
Daisuke Namikawa

Daisuke Namikawa

Hisahito Mizuki (voice)
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Jin Kazama (voice)
Kaito Ishikawa

Kaito Ishikawa

Tetsuya Nitobe (voice)
Daisuke Ono

Daisuke Ono

Atsushi Kimishita
Ayane Sakura

Ayane Sakura

Sayuri Tachibana
Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsutoshi Nakazawa
Takahiro Sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai

Yuuta Usui
Hiroyuki Yoshino

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Hiroyuki Kurusu


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1 - With Just That, I Feel Like I Could Keep On Running Forever

Tsukamoto Tsukushi has just entered Seiseki High School, renowed for its soccer club.

2 - I Want to be Part of the Dream

Tsukushi and Kazama, along with all the other first years who joined the soccer club, are forced to run outer laps as a collective punishment. As Tsukushi does not want to be a bother to the others, he asks the captain Mizuki Hisahito for permission to run everybody's laps by himself. Seeing Tsukushi continue to run relentlessly, fueled by nothing but the pure sentiment of “I want to play soccer with everyone", the other first years are inspired to join him.

3 - Playing Soccer with You is Super Fun, You Idiot

It’s the first day of the joint training camp. During dinner, Tsukushi overhears the students from other schools talk about Kazama's middle school days. Curious about what happened in the past; Tsukushi tries his best to ask his roommate, but can't quite do it. When Tsukushi wakes up the next morning, Kazama's missing; apparently he went to train by himself on the pitch.

4 - I Want to Put My Life on the Line to Live

Tsukushi asks his classmate and member of the beautification committee, Ubukata Chikako to help with the cleaning. But since he can't get her to listen, he ends up being late to practice and is punished with additional outer laps. Seeing him relentlessly running, never even considering to give up soccer, Ubukata is reminded of her old self.

5 - That's Why I Will Keep On Running, Kazama-kun

Tsukushi is helping with the training of the third-year, Kasahara, who decided to quit after the Interhigh. As line-up for the Interhigh is announced, the first-year, Kazama, and the roster slowly fills up.

6 - Running for Someone: That`s the Kind of Soccer I Want to Play

Even though the first match was a victory, Tsukushi is depressed that he was unable to do anything. That's when Indou Kaoru, the captain of Seiseki's rival school, Saku High, appears before Tsukushi. He invites Tsukushi to play soccer, and the two of them go to a futsal court. Despite the other team having an unsurmountable lead, Tsukushi doubles down on his soccer of "running more than anyone else" and enables his team to score a goal by becoming a decoy.

7 - I Wish I Could Repay My Debt, If But a Little

The second preliminary match of the Inter High is Seiseki vs Minami Highschool.

8 - If He Gets Into It, He Will Become a Bullet

Thanks to Mizuki's efforts, Seiseki does manage to advance to the finals. In order to prepare for their next match, they study their opponent's playstyle. In the finals they will be facing off against the "Miracle Team" that suddenly rose to the top, the current Kantou Champion, Sakuragi Highschool. The first-years are all in awe of the skill of the present top scorer, Saku High's number 10, Narukami Shuuji. Meanwhile, Kazama is so excited that he gets to play a strong school, that he can barely contain himself.

9 - We'll Get the Ball Over to Where Your Voice Can Reach Us in No Time

It's the final match of the Inter High preliminiaries. Seiseki's captain Mizuki is fully recovered and Seiseki's eleven is in top shape to fight. However, Tsukushi has concerns since Kazama is acting different than usual. Right after the start, Kazama fails to trap the ball. Initially it seems as though Tsukushi's worries were justified, but Kazama then recovers and makes it to the enemy goal all by himself.

10 - I Won`t Be Defeated by Such a Tiny Setback

After Mizuki takes the lead for Seiseki, they put Kazama on Indou Kaoru. However, just five minutes later, Indou's shot lands in the net. Realizing that Indou is in a totally different league, for the first time, the bitter taste of defeat spreads in Kazama's mouth.

11 - In Order to Connect These Gleaming Days to the Future

Tsukushi enters the game to replace Ooshiba, who had exhausted all his energy.

12 - I Won't Let Anyone Be Disappointed Again

To everybody's horror, Tsukushi's shot hits the goal post. Mizuki and Kimishita still dash forward to go for the rebound, but Saku High clears the ball and the match is over. Everybody is shaken by this, especially Kazama and Tsukushi, who both feel something they've never felt before. Tsukushi does the one thing he can, he runs without giving his body any pause. That's when Ubukata intercepts him and sits him down for a serious talk.

13 - You Just Need to Look Forward

Tsukushi's childhood friend Sayuri asks him to take a break and go to the summer festival with her. A few days later, the members of the Seiseki soccer team gather at Ooshiba's place for a certain reason.

14 - Give Everything to Take My Spot Away from Me

As soon as the summer vacation starts, Seiseki's soccer club is off to the 5 day Sakurajima joint training camp. Since the roster for the championship will be put together from the ground up, an intense battle ensues for those spots.

15 - I`m Sure I Can`t Stay at Seiseki Any Longer

The training match ended on a bad note for Tsukushi. In the evening, he joins the third-year Haibara to review the recording of the match and ponders what he lacks. The next day, coach Nakazawa grants him and the others a chance at redeeming themselves, and the next training match again Genbu High School begins. However, Tsukushi is ordered to take the center-back defensive position...

16 - The Endless Waves That Keep Crashing In

After talking to Kazama about the dilemma of wanting to be a regular, but not wanting to fight his friends for that spot, Tsukushi was trying to find a solution that fits himself.

17 - I Love This Team

On the final day of the camp, Seiseki is playing against Seikan High School.

18 - Tell Me, Kimishita: You Can Do It, Right?

The second half of the Seikan match.

19 - Come with Me. It`s a Straight Shot to Nationals

Right as the match was about to end, Tsukushi puts everything into his shot and secures the victory for Seiseki with that goal.

20 - Don't Underestimate Seiseki

Summer vacation is over, and the preliminaries for the championship in the Tokyo area begins.

21 - Isn't Soccer a Blast?

The opponent for the semi-finals is the newly founded team from Keiougawara High School. Even though Seiseki is missing it's "Three Arrows", Kimishita and the other third-years put on a strong show.

22 - Right Now, I'm Seiseki's Captain

Due to Nitobe's red card, Seiseki is down to 10 players.

23 - I'm a Member of Seiseki's Soccer Team, Too

Thanks to Usui's set up, Tsukushi is able to wrangle the second free kick from Keiou.

24 - I Want to Play More Soccer with This Team

After the fierce battle, Seiseki is the team that stands victorious. Kimishita scored three goals from the free kicks, but it was Tsukushi who secured those free kicks.