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Bikini Warriors (2015)

Animação Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy4m


Ambientado num mundo de RPG com espadas e magias, guerreiras devem formar uma party para derrotar o Rei Demônio, mas essas guerreiras usam armaduras de biquíni!

Elenco principal

Chiaki Takahashi

Chiaki Takahashi

Ai Kakuma

Ai Kakuma

Kana Ueda

Kana Ueda

Yoko Hikasa

Yoko Hikasa

Manami Numakura

Manami Numakura

Shizuka Itoh

Shizuka Itoh



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1 - It's Not a Bikini If It's Armor

As they continue on their world-saving adventure, Fighter, Paladin, Mage, and Dark Elf decide to upgrade their armors to the latest version after a difficult battle in a dungeon. But what is the difference between bikini armor, and a normal bikini?

2 - A Quest Needs Money to Rest

The four heroes are summoned to an audience with the king. The world is in peril, and his royal highness orders them to go on a journey to save it. Fighter asks him for the money they need to help them prepare, but the king is a cheapskate.

3 - Even Heroes Have Needs

The Special Hero Dispensation Act gives heroes the right to legally take items from treasure chests and dressers in town. When the four adventurers run out of money and can't continue their journey, they use this law to start invading the townspeople's houses, but they get a bit too greedy.

4 - A Hero Needs No Reward

The heroes need a key to get through a cave and continue with their adventure. But the arrogant mayor of the town has it, and he won't hand it over unless they complete the tasks he gives them. Fighter decides that this must be a trial for the heroes, and ends up doing the mayor's chores.

5 - Saving Things That Go Unused

The party needs the magic Ice Staff to defeat the dungeon boss. But it's too expensive, and so they decide to sell items in their inventory to get the money. The four even sell their elixirs, but soon learn a costly lesson.

6 - Heroes Overcome the Impossible

Women, and only women, are being attacked in a nearby forest. The heroes go to try and find whoever's responsible. They're faced with a veteran opponent who hides himself in the forest while attacking with many different spells. Their armor is almost entirely blown off, but they continue to fight...

7 - Allies from Taverns May Disappoint

The party visits a tavern to find a new comrade. When Dark Elf complains that none of the candidates are any good, the rest of the party turns to her and says, “You don't get to talk!” What happened when Dark Elf first joined the party?

8 - Every Journey Finds New Friends

Two new girls want to join the party: Hunter and Valkyrie. The two are both such unique characters that they may not be usable for anything, so the party has them fight each other, and promises to take the winner…

9 - A Hero Betrayed Has but One Choice

The party is victorious after a harsh battle, but the enemy's last spell hits Mage. Then Mage begins to scream about how she hates everyone and starts to attack the group. The battle takes an unexpected turn…

10 - You Don't Always Get What You Want or Need

The party enters a vast dungeon filled with powerful enemies, and their HP and MP are at their limits. Just as they're hoping to find a healing item, they find a treasure chest. But all the ones they've found so far have been trapped. What trap does this chest have?

11 - A Snare to Trap a Pure Maiden

Paladin is filled with the spirit of self-sacrifice. One day, an awful mayor of a village says, “If you want to proceed, one of you must marry me!” Paladin responds by making the ultimate sacrifice to help the party advance.

12 - No One Knows the End

After many battles, the party's journey has reached its end. As the climax approaches, the heroes are confronted by a flood of tropes and cliches. Of course, the sexy scenes are at their climax too!