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B Gata H Kei (2010)

Animação Comédia25m


A história é sobre uma garota safadinha chamada Yamada que pretende criar 100 amigos de sexo durante seu terceiro grau de estudo. Yamada é bonita e bem popular entre os estudantes, mas ela ainda é virgem e está longe de cumprir sua meta, pois sua personalidade muda completamente para uma garota tímida e difícil diante dos homens, mesmo sendo super pervertida na sua imaginação… Ciente desse seu defeito, ela acaba decidindo partir para cima de Kosuda Takashi, um rapaz modesto da mesma classe, que ela considera mais apropriado para sua primeira relação.

Elenco principal

Yukari Tamura

Yukari Tamura

Atsushi Abe

Atsushi Abe

Takashi Kosuda
Kana Hanazawa

Kana Hanazawa

Mayu Miyano
Asami Shimoda

Asami Shimoda

Chika Yamada


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1 - Boy meets girl. / Big gambit after school!

Yamada is the cutest girl in the whole school, and she wants to have her way with 100 different boys before the final bell rings. There's just one problem: she's never even been kissed!

2 - Oh, yeah! Let's go to a pool! / Here comes the rival!

Yamada takes her mission of seduction to the next level by slipping into a sexy swimsuit and inviting Kosuda to the local waterpark! But when the splashing subsides, a busty, bespectacled rival enters the picture!

3 - Suddenly so close in the darkroom! / Passionate school festival!

In the private confines of the darkroom, Yamada sheds her top and makes a move on Kosuda! Later, she enters a school beauty contest to show the boy exactly what he's missing!

4 - Romantic Christmas Eve! / I can't go back empty-handed!

The holidays have arrived, and lust is in the air! Kosuda and Yamada are ready to get busy on a special Christmas Eve date, but the park is full of perverts!

5 - Yamada's level increased! / Work on your naughty power!

When Valentine's Day rolls around, Yamada tries to seduce Kosuda with homemade chocolates. If that doesn't work, she can always stop wearing panties!

6 - Kanejo is coming! / Behind that rosy smile is...

Yamada is disturbed by the arrival of a stunning new student from across the sea. The new girl quickly becomes the center of attention and sets her sights on stealing Yamada's man!

7 - Major duel in school swimsuits! / Memories of a summer day...

Swimsuits are the story of the hour as Yamada puts her looks to the ultimate test in a scandalous showdown with Kanejou. Next up, camping, toy weapons, and a moonlit photo shoot - clothing optional!

8 - Yay! It's a school trip! / I have to tell you that I l...

It's school field trip time, which means the girls talk about guys, the guys talk about girls, and they both try desperately to summon the courage to actually talk to each other!

9 - Oh no! In front of everyone... / Put your hopes in Field Day!

Kosuda's public confession of love leaves Yamada feeling flustered. And that's before a super-handsome stranger sees her in a cheerleading outfit! Will Kosuda be shunned in the wake of this hunky new arrival?

10 - The Kanejo Family! / On my way to love?

When Kanejou's brother confesses his interest in Yamada, his stunning little sister takes aim at Kosuda! Will Yamada stick with her ordinary virgin - or go after the hunk and get stuck between siblings?!

11 - Year 2 Class H's Christmas Eve! / Kanejo is watching?!

A luxurious Christmas party provides the perfect opportunity for Yamada and Kosuda to take their relationship to the next level! Too bad someone's watching their every move on a hidden camera!

12 - The world revolves for us! / Yamada turns into an angel!

As the New Year approaches, Yamada and Kosuda slip out of their clothes and into a bed at the local love motel! Lust is in the air, but it’s kind of hard to make out over the sound of that ambulance!