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Anitore! EX (2015)



Hoshi Asami, Higuchi Eri, Saotome Shizuno, Tachibana Shion e Hiraoka Yuu são cinco meninas que tem por objetivo se tornarem Idols. Elas irão se exercitar com você, e cada episódio contém uma variedade de exercícios de rotina, como flexões, abdominais, dança, yoga, alongamento, Tai Chi, e muito mais.

Elenco principal

Kanon Takao

Kanon Takao

Yuu Hiraoka
Maria Naganawa

Maria Naganawa

Akiko Tachibana
Miku Ito

Miku Ito

Asami Hoshi
Azumi Waki

Azumi Waki

Eri Higuchi
Miyu Komaki

Miyu Komaki

Shizuno Saotome
Eri Sogabe

Eri Sogabe

Eri Suzuki

Eri Suzuki

Sakura Izumi


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1 - Push-up and Crunches! Bring It On!!

Asami Hoshi teaches the viewers the push-ups and crunches, and hopes that she can eat a soft served ice cream.

2 - More Push-ups! For Bigger Bra Size!!

Eri Higuchi, despite getting annoyed about her breast size that she tried to work on, teaches the viewers the Hindu and Reverse Push-ups.

3 - Back Squats! Go for the Japanese Beauty Look!!

Shizuno Saotome, after finishing with her cooking, teaches the viewers the squats and back extension, before they can all enjoy her food.

4 - Descent of the False God! Guide Me, Darkness!

Shion Tachibana, thinking that she's a "fallen angel from the world of Denebrae", teaches the viewers the "Dance of the Void" and "Dance of the Wicked", which are known as the "Bow Pose" and "Camel Pose", two poses from Yoga.

5 - Let`s Dancing! Sparkling with Sweat!!

Asami, Eri, and Shizuno teach the viewers on how to do the "Vital Exercise" dance. During the lesson, Eri suggested to name that dance company for themselves as "Eri with Dancing Flowers".

6 - Kick & Twist! Here We Go!

YÅ« Hiraoka had trouble falling asleep, so she, while teaching the viewers, does the Back Kick and the Reverse Trunk Twist exercises in order for her to go to sleep.

7 - Tough Push-ups and Squats! Don`t Give Up!

Asami and Eri teach the viewers the clapping push-ups and the Hindu squats. During the lesson, Eri still gets annoyed about her breast size and thinks it's a competition between her and Asami.

8 - More Dancing! Smile and Detox!!

Asami, Shion, and YÅ« teach the viewers the "Vital Exercise" dance, again. Afterwards, Asami decided that they should go to the store to buy the soft served ice creams, while learning that Shion works there and her real name is "Akiko", much to Shion's denial.

9 - Stretchy Stretch! Poolside Charms!!

Eri arrived at Shizuno's indoor pool, but before she can race in a pool, Shizuno suggested that they should do the warm-up exercises, by teaching the viewers on how to stretch the outer sides of bodies, the shoulders, and the lower bodies.

10 - Let`s Go to the Sports Gym! Fun Exercises!

Asami and YÅ« have arrived at the sports gym, but when YÅ« is unsure if she can do it, Asami helps her out, by teaching her, and the viewers, on how to lift weights in the butterfly machine, work on the Synchro machine, work on the leg press, and work on the adduction and abduction machines.

11 - Easy Tai Chi! Core Strength Training!

Shion, Eri, and YÅ« teach the viewers Tai Chi, while Shion thinks they're performing the "Dance of Resurrection". During the lesson, Eri encourages YÅ« how she can make her dreams come true. After the lesson ends, Asami and Shizuno arrived. Asami and her friends thanked the viewers for keeping up with them, but they are not done yet.

12 - Vital Exercises! Smile More!!

The girls will now perform the "Vital Exercise" dance, with the viewers dancing along. During the dance, scenes from the past episodes are shown.