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Akuma no Riddle (2014)

Animação Action & Adventure24m


Ichinose Haru estuda numa escola particular, a Academia Myoujou, e é alvo de doze assassinas disfarçadas como alunas. Azuma Tokaku é uma aluna transferida e uma assassina que inicialmente deve matar Haru, mas desenvolve sentimentos por ela e decide protegê-la das outras assassinas.

Elenco principal

Ayaka Suwa

Ayaka Suwa

Tokaku Azuma
Hisako Kanemoto

Hisako Kanemoto

Haru Ichinose
Yoshino Nanjo

Yoshino Nanjo

Nio Hashiri
Azumi Asakura

Azumi Asakura

Isuke Inukai
Mami Uchida

Mami Uchida

Hitsugi Kirigaya
Sachika Misawa

Sachika Misawa

Chitaru Namatame


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1 - The World Is Full of ___

Thirteen students in all in Year 10, Class Black. Twelve assassins, one target. The first to kill the target will get whatever they want. As one of the assassins, Tokaku Azuma joins Class Black and begins to size up the competition.

2 - What Dwells in Your Heart?

All 13 students are now assembled and things are about to get serious. But one of them thinks she can jump the gun and beat everyone to the prize.

3 - What's Red, but Isn't Red?

Tokaku switches sides to Haru, but the game is still on and the first official Class Black assassination attempt is made.

4 - What Comes Suddenly and Never Leaves?

It's three straight days of testing for Class Black. While Haru is intent on passing those tests, another one of the girls is intent on killing her.

5 - How Do You Get a Bird Out of Its Cage?

Class Black prepares to put on a production of "Romeo and Juliet" for the school festival and another assassin tries her luck.

6 - Every Pretty Flower Has Its ___

Class Black puts on "Romeo and Juliet" in front of a student audience, but with so many deaths in the play, maybe one or two will be real.

7 - What Can You Never Outrun?

Another assassin tries her hand, but this one proposes a game with rules that will give Haru and Tokaku a chance to beat her fair and square.

8 - Which Gatekeeper Is the One Who Lies?

The field has been whittled to four assassins. With classes done and a typhoon closing in, Haru and Tokaku are in for a harrowing evening.

9 - What Dwells in Your Heart? (Make-up Test)

Tokaku faces Isuke and her own inner demons, while Haru desperately tries to stay ahead of Shinya.

10 - Who Is the Queen?

With Class Black down to four students, Tokaku and Haru face off against the person they consider to be their final opponent.

11 - How to Distinguish a "Congratulation" from a "Curse"

The truth about Class Black is revealed, and Tokaku and Haru must grapple with the implications of this new information.

12 - Therefore, the World Is Full of ____

Now that Tokaku has delivered her advance notice, the three remaining members of Class Black have one last assassination attempt to sort out.