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Active Raid (2016)

Animação Action & Adventure Crime24m


Situado numa parte de Tóquio que virou uma confusão, a história segue a Unidade 8 da 3ª Divisão de Infantaria Móvel da 5ª Divisão de Segurança Pública Especial, popularmente chamada de “Unidade 8”, que usa exoesqueletos poderosos conhecidos como Willwear para combater o aumento de criminalidade. A inspetora assistente Kazari Asami é designada para Unidade 8 com a tarefa de avaliar o estado da unidade e relatar aos superiores, mas o verdadeiro objetivo dela é reabilitar esse grupo desleixado, casual e injusto.

Elenco principal

Takahiro Sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai

Souichirou Sena (Main Character)
Nobunaga Shimazaki

Nobunaga Shimazaki

Takeru Kuroki (Main Character)
Ari Ozawa

Ari Ozawa

Asami Kazari (Main S1) (Sub-Main S2)
Shizuka Ishigami

Shizuka Ishigami

Haruka Hoshimiya
Ai Kakuma

Ai Kakuma

Tomoki Hachijou (Bird)
Hikaru Midorikawa

Hikaru Midorikawa

Koutarou Inagi
Masayo Kurata

Masayo Kurata

Rin Yamabuki
Natsuki Hanae

Natsuki Hanae

Saori Onishi

Saori Onishi

Madoka Amano


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1 - Code No. 538

A Willwear armed robbery prompts the sortie of Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit, AKA Unit 8. As the situation unfolds, their newest member, Assistant Inspector Kazari Asami, will witness what this unit’s really about…

2 - Academy Destruction

Asami continues her internal investigation of Unit 8 as Yamabuki deals with the fallout following their most recent mission. When a Willwear is reported assaulting the school Yamabuki’s sister goes to, Asami finally dons Willwear, but will she be able to resolve the case without breaking any laws?

3 - Challenge From the Arena

A Willwear appears at a popular idol’s concert. Kuroki, Sena, and Asami make a beeline for the concert hall, but the situation devolves into a struggle to assert remote control over the Willwear…

4 - Holding Airspace

An anonymous tip reveals that Flight 206 has a bomb aboard that will explode unless the flight maintains certain altitude and remains within a prescribed area. Sena and Kuroki attempt to defuse the bomb in their Willwear, but the saboteur’s true intentions then emerge…

5 - Poker Face of Erasure

Unit 8 receives a curious request to win a poker game on a casino built on a floating land. However, their opponent proves formidable, and they are threatened with a missile attack on the city proper if they fail to achieve victory…

6 - Dreams Beyond the Twilight

With the advent of Willwear, massive humanoid heavy machinery has been forgotten. But one of them has been stolen by its former pilot in Willwear. Only one other heavy machinery unit can stop it, and Funazaka rises to the challenge!

7 - Long Rail Life

A Willwear is en route to the metropolitan government building under an EM dome, ostensibly to exact vengeance on the governor. Unit 8 rallies, but is unable to act without permission from the prefecture. However, their operator, Haruka, has a plan…

8 - Ulti-maid-ronde

A mysterious Willwear, Ulti-maid, appears in the most recent string of incidents in the city. With capacities and performance far exceeding those of Unit 8's Willwear, it becomes a national 5celebrity. Amid rumors that Unit 8 may soon become obsolete, Kuroki invites Sena to a drinking party, where a most unexpected guest appears...

9 - In the Name of Logos

The increase of Willwear crime targeting banks and other lucrative venues leads Unit 8 to launch an investigation. Realizing that Dog, a Logos operative, is taking matters into his own hands, Mythos and Bird decide he must be punished...

10 - The Invisible Conqueror

There have been no crimes committed by modified Willwear in recent memory. The police take this as a sign that Logos has ceased to exist, but Unit 8 continue their own investigation, believing that Logos leaders are still out there...

11 - Japan Style

Now that Mythos controls half of Orochi, the entire nation's transit and communications systems have come to a grinding halt. Unit 8 rallies to save the day...

12 - For Whom Does Order Exist?

Orochi has fallen under Mythos's complete and total control. As Unit 8 pursues him, the ultimate Willwear appears!